About Us

The Couple Behind the Name



Founded in 2017 by husband and wife team Emmanuel Opoku & Monique Butler, African Wood Carving & Handicrafts is the manifestation of a dream shared by two. 

Emmanuel aka "E. The Wood Carver" is a Master Woodcarver originally from Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa with over 20 years of woodcarving experience. Emmanuel is passionate about the work that he does and loves to share his craft with others. Emmanuel's work can also be found on his Facebook page E. The Wood Carver  &  his personal webpage E. The Wood Carver.

Monique handles the Handicrafts side of the business and manages the day to day affairs. She loves working with the vendors to bring customers the most authentic Ghanaian products she can find. 

Our Mission


 African Wood Carving & Handicrafts’ mission is to offer customers the opportunity to have authentic high quality handcrafted African Wood Carving & Handicrafts without having to travel to Africa. Our customers will have the opportunity to know who and how their item was made and that their purchase supports individuals in Ghana as well.     

Our Dedication to our Customers


 African Wood Carving & Handicrafts, wants to be your #1 source for authentic handmade African and African American themed wood carvings and custom designs. We’re dedicated to offering you unique wood carved home decorating pieces, with a focus on the authenticity of the traditional wood carving style you would find in Ghana, West Africa without the travel expenses. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, customer service and uniqueness.